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An image of A waterfall (Strath Creek) by William Delafield Cook

William Delafield Cook

(Australia 1936 – 2015)

A waterfall (Strath Creek)
Media category
Materials used
synthetic polymer paint on canvas

198.2 x 156.2 cm stretcher

Signature & date
Signed and dated u.l. corner verso on canvas, black fibre-tipped pen "W DELAFIELD COOK/ 1980-1". Signed top c. to c. verso on stretcher bar, sideways, red fibre-tipped pen "W DELAFIELD COOK". Signed top c. verso on stretcher, red fibre-tipped pen "W DELAFIELD COOK".
Purchased 1981
Accession number
© Wiliam Delafield Cook
Not on display
Further information

I found the spot where he had sat to do his drawing … The waterfall was almost exactly as it was in von Guérard’s picture. He was at Strath Creek on 14 January 1862; I was there 23 January 1980.

William Delafield Cook, 1998

William Delafield Cook’s excitement is palpable at the recollection above, of his visit to the site of the waterfall painted by Eugene von Guérard (Waterfall, Strath Creek 1862, in the Gallery's collection) more than a century earlier. He greatly admired the 19th century artist’s painting for its topographical accuracy and evocation of a metaphysical dimension. It accorded with his own long-held aim to transcend the familiar through a hyper-realist approach that melded photography with painting.

A meticulously crafted work of extraordinary beauty, Delafield Cook’s painting was worked up in the studio from photographs taken on the spot, with direct reference to Von Guérard’s earlier composition. It bears a ‘charged’ intensity characteristic of Delafield Cook’s approach. Homage to both von Guérard and to the unique atmosphere of this landscape feature, with its miracle of water amidst the dun colour of dry hillsides in the heat and stillness of summer, it was awarded the Wynne Prize for 1980.

This work was acquired by the Gallery in 1981.

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