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An image of Threshold: Passion of the new eve by Julie Rrap

Julie Rrap

(Australia 1950 – )

Threshold: Passion of the new eve
Media category
Materials used
six paintings (photoemulsion, synthetic polymer paint on canvas); one framed colour transparency; broken fragments of sandstone with photoemulsion; one stepped wooden pyramid

Installation dimensions variable according to room size:

a-f - six paintings; 180 x 91 cm; each

g - framed colour transparency; 180 x 91 cm; variable

h - wooden pyramid; 60 x 60 x 60 cm

i-n - 6 piles of sandstone fragments

Purchased 1989
Accession number
© Julie Rrap
Not on display
Further information

This installation by Sydney artist Julie Rrap is based on sculptural works by the artists Michelangelo, 'The dying slave' and 'The rebellious slave' and Rodin, 'The shadow (from the gate of hell)', 'Adam', 'The thinker' and 'The prodigal son'. The artist has photographed herself in the replicated pose of each of these six works and beneath each image are what resemble archaeological shards with sections of the original sculptures photographed onto these shards in piles laid out on the floor. The work is a playful dialogue between self and other and the narratives that have situated women within male iconographies of art history.

Bibliography (3)

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Exhibition history (2)

The Australian Bicentennial Perspecta:

Review: works by women from the permanent collection of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 08 Mar 1995–04 Jun 1995