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An image of On the wallaby track by Frederick McCubbin
Alternate image of On the wallaby track by Frederick McCubbin

Frederick McCubbin

(Australia 25 Feb 1855 – 20 Dec 1917)

On the wallaby track
Other titles:
In the bush
Media category
Materials used
oil on canvas

122.0 x 223.5 cm stretcher; 119.5 x 221.0 sight edge; 176.5 x 278.0 x 10.0 cm frame

Signature & date
Signed and dated l.r. corner, brown oil "F McCubbin/ 1896".
Purchased 1897
Accession number
19th c Australian art
Further information

With an evident empathy for rural labouring life, and a nationalist message, this much-admired painting by a principal member of the Heidelberg group was painted close to the artist's Melbourne home, using his family as models. Key influences for Frederick McCubbin at this time included the academic naturalism of Bastien-Lepage and the new focus on everyday subjects by leading French Barbizon school artists Corot and Millet. The title of the painting - 'On the wallaby track' - was a term used for itinerant workers roaming the bush on the fringes of properties looking for work.

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