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An image of No 714 Wooden prototype for Adelaide Plaza bronze by Robert Klippel

Robert Klippel

(Australia, United States of America 19 Jun 1920 – 19 Jun 2001)

No 714 Wooden prototype for Adelaide Plaza bronze
Other titles:
Wooden prototype for Adelaide Plaza bronze, Adelaide, Opus 714
Media category
Materials used
wood assemblage

300.0 x 350.0 x 135.0 cm

Purchased 1989
Accession number
© Robert Klippel Estate
Not on display
Further information

Throughout the 1980s Klippel worked on a series of large wooden assemblages composed of discarded wooden patterns for machine parts. Colin Lanceley had discovered them in an industrial foundry in Ultimo during 1964. Decades later they proved ideal material for Klippel's explorations into the subtle relationships of mass, volume and planes. 'Opus 714' is a masterwork from this series. It grew out of Klippel's earlier experiments with photographic collages, as in 'Philadelphia', 1979, also in the Gallery's collection.

Often considered a miniaturist, Klippel reveals in 'Opus 714' a shift towards large, monumental forms. He has achieved an apparently random yet perfectly balanced composition of dramatic colour, space and solid frontality. The disparate elements in 'Opus 714' have been brought into an asymmetrical yet balanced whole, in which the relationships of the static parts create an 'organic' energy.

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Exhibition history (3)

Older Australian masters: an exhibition of works by major Australian artists executed in the later years of their careers, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 16 Mar 1992–12 Apr 1992

Robert Klippel: large wood sculptures and collages (1995), Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 22 Jun 1995–13 Aug 1995

Australian icons: twenty artists from the collection, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 04 Aug 2000–03 Dec 2000

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