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An image of Mother and child by Margel Hinder

Margel Hinder

(Australia 04 Jan 1906 – 29 May 1995)

Mother and child
Media category
Materials used
wood (ironbark)

125.5 x 38.0 x 38.0 cm figure; 23.5 x 22.0 cm base (irreg.)

Signature & date
Not signed. Not dated.
Purchased 1994
Accession number
© Margel Hinder Estate
20th & 21st c Australian art
Further information

Arriving from the United States in 1934 with her Australian partner, Frank Hinder, this prolific sculptor was well-versed in contemporary international developments in art. In Sydney she studied with Eleanore Lange, a German-born artist-teacher, and began experimenting with local timbers and stone. Mother and child shows how quickly she accommodated Australian materials, and a certain Australian robustness as well. Though strongly influenced by English sculpture of the interwar period, especially that of Henry Moore and Jacob Epstein, Hinder's truer inspiration came from her interest in vitalist philosophies and theories. The self-contained poise of this image soon gave way to a restlessness more resonant of modern times.

Art Gallery Handbook 1999

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Exhibition history (4)

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