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An image of Summer time by Rupert Bunny
Alternate image of Summer time by Rupert Bunny

Rupert Bunny

(Australia, France 29 Sep 1864 – 25 May 1947)

Summer time
Other titles:
En été
The bathers
A summer morning
A summer's morning
Place of origin
(circa 1907)
Media category
Materials used
oil on canvas

250.0 x 300.5 cm stretcher; 301.2 x 352.0 x 11.0 cm frame

Signature & date
Signed l.r. corner, yellow ochre oil "Rupert C.W. Bunny.". Not dated.
Purchased 1928
Accession number
19th c Australian art
Further information

'Summer time' magnificently demonstrates Rupert Bunny’s skill as a draughtsman and his masterful handling of large-scale composition. Exhibited at the New Salon in 1907, the painting epitomises the leisured spirit of the ‘Belle Époque’, elegantly capturing seven voluptuous women lounging inside a bathhouse, sipping iced tea and inhaling the intoxicating scent of freshly plucked roses. Bunny modelled each of the figures on his wife Jeanne Morel, who sat for numerous paintings from this period.

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Exhibition history (3)

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