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An image of A juggler by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

(England, Netherlands 08 Jan 1836 – 28 Jun 1912)

A juggler
Alternative title:
Un jongleur
Media category
Materials used
oil on panel

77.8 x 48.4 cm sight; 126.0 x 78.0 x 7.3 cm frame

Signature & date
Signed and dated u.r., oil "Alma Tadema 1870".
Gift of John and Julie Schaeffer 1999
Accession number
19th c European art
Provenance (19)

Ernest Gambart, 1870, London/England, [dealer] Commissioned by Gambart, sold 1870

Jose de Murietta, Marquis de Santurce, post 1870, Spain

Christie's London, 30 Apr 1892, London/England,

Arthur Tooth & Sons Ltd, 30 Apr 1892-1893, London/England, purchased by Arthur Tooth & Sons from Christie's London, 30 April 1892, lot no. 149, 810gn

Mr Biesing, 1893

Diligentia, Dec 1893, The Hague/Netherlands

N.A. Streengracht van Moyland, pre 10 Sep 1895, Netherlands

Messrs Alfred Preyer, 10 Sep 1895, Amsterdam/Netherlands, lot 102, sold to Messrs Braskamp, Amsterdam 12,000 guilders

Messrs Braskamp, post 10 Sep 1895, Amsterdam/Netherlands

Stephen G. Holland, 1897, London/England, In the collection of Stephen G. Holland by 1897

Christie's London, 25 Jun 1908, London/England, lot no. 110

Messrs Wallace, post 25 Jun 1908, London/England, Purchased 25 June 1908 from Christie's London, lot 110, 300gn

Private Collection, pre 1977, Texas/United States of America, Sold 1977.

Maurice Sternberg Galleries, 1977-May 1978, Chicago/Illinois/United States of America

Charles Jerdein, May 1978-19 Mar 1979, London/England

Private Collection, post 1979, United States of America

Auslander and Wittgenstein, 1984-1985, New York/New York/United States of America, [dealer]

Christie's London, 07 Nov 1997, London/England, 'Fine Victorian pictures, drawings and other works of art', lot 85 - 'The property of a gentleman'

John and Julie Schaeffer, 07 Nov 1997-Feb 1999, Sydney/New South Wales/Australia, Gift of John and Julie Schaeffer 1999. Purchased by Mrs and Mrs Schaeffer at Christie's London, 7 Novemeber 1997 'Fine Victorian pictures, drawings and other works of art', lot 85 - 'The property of a gentleman'.

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Exhibition history (4)

Royal Academy of Arts, 1870, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 1870–1870

The works of L. Alama-Tadema, Grosvenor Gallery, London, England, Winter 1882–Winter 1882

Corporation loan exhibition, Mansion House, 1897–1897

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema: