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An image of Winga (Tidal movement, waves) by Cornelia Tipuamantumirri

Cornelia Tipuamantumirri

(Australia circa 1930 – )

Winga (Tidal movement, waves)
Place of origin
Melville IslandNorthern TerritoryAustralia
Cultural origin
Media category
Materials used
natural pigments on canvas

100.0 x 100.0 cm stretcher

Signature & date
Not signed. Not dated.
Purchased with funds provided by the Aboriginal Collection Benefactors' Group 2012
Accession number
© Cornelia Tipuamantumirri. Licensed by Munupi Arts and Crafts
Yiribana Gallery
Further information

Born c1930, Tiwi, Pularumpi, Melville Island, North region

Cornelia Tipuamantumirri is a Tiwi artist who works through the Munupi Art Centre at Pularumpi on Melville Island. The Tiwi people of Bathurst and Melville Island, have a distinct culture and they share a visual language known as jilamara (design) based on the innumerable configurations of mulypinyini pwanga (lines and dots). These designs are individually conceived and may be used in ceremony, body painting and artworks.

Tipuamantumirri began painting in 2010 and her works offer an impressionistic view of country. 'Winga (Tidal movement, waves)' 2012, focuses on the movement of water and the changes this brings, both in terms of the silt that is moved by waves altering the coastline and the varying sea life that accompany the incoming and outgoing tides.

In the Tiwi tradition Tipuamantumirri’s works are painted with a wooden kayimwagamiki (comb), to create lines of ochre dots, in subtle variations of colour and intensity. On the deep black background these undulating lines create areas of shifting light and movement, reminiscent of the play of sunlight on the sea and the tidal movements of water itself, which Tipuamantumirri is referencing in this work.

Bibliography (1)

Sarah Couper, Look, 'Our spirits lie in the water', pg. 42, Newtown, Feb 2015, 42 (colour illus.).

Exhibition history (2)

Womikinimirri Puruntatameri & Cornelia Tipuamantumirri, Kirilima + Jarrikalani - Jungle Fowl + Loggerhead Turtle, Alcaston Gallery, Fitzroy, 05 Sep 2012–28 Sep 2012

Our spirits lie in the water, 15 Nov 2014–01 Nov 2015