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Wall drawing #338: Two part drawing. The wall is divided vertically into two parts. Each part is divided horizontally and vertically into four equal parts. 1st part: Lines in four directions, one direction in each quarter. 2nd part: Lines in four directions, superimposed progressively.


Sol LeWitt

United States of America

09 Sep 1928 - 08 Apr 2007


First Drawn by: Kazuko Miyamoto
First Installation: Panza di Biumo residence, Varese, Italy, June 1980     

Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings are executed by professional draughtspeople from sets of instructions generated by the artist. LeWitt emphasised the idea or concept of an artwork over its visual realisation, hence his assertion that his instructions are themselves the work of art.

‘Wall drawing #337’ and ‘Wall drawing #338’ exemplify this process: both works are drawn by professional draughtspeople following LeWitt’s instructions. The artist’s methodology has been likened to that of a composer: the works are manifested by others, and no single drawing is ever the definitive version. In a 1971 interview LeWitt commented: ‘I try to make the plan specific enough so that it comes out more or less how I want it, but general enough that [the draughtspeople] have the freedom to interpret. It’s as though I am writing of piece of music and somebody else is going to play it on the piano.’


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Kids audio tour Wall drawing #1091: arcs, circles and bands (room) 2003

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Materials used

coloured pencil


dimensions variable

Signature & date

Signed Certificate of authenticity, black fibre-tipped pen "Sol LeWitt". Not dated.


Gift of the John Kaldor Family Collection 2011. Donated through the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program.


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Sol LeWitt

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Anthony Bond, Look, 'Rehang of Level 2 June 2012', pg.28-30, Sydney, May 2012, 29.

Anthony Bond, John Kaldor family collection: Art Gallery of New South Wales, 'Sol LeWitt', pg.100-131, Sydney, 2011, 103, 107-109 (colour illus.). illustrations on page 108 and 109 are details