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Jakayu Biljabu

(Australia 1937 – )

Language group
Manyjilyjarra, North-west region
Minyi Puru
Media category
Materials used
synthetic polymer paint on canvas

124.7 x 298.0 cm

D G Wilson Bequest Fund 2008
Accession number
Not on display
Further information

Information provided by Martumili Artists:

This painting is a map of where Jakayu was born. Jakayu grew up around Bidu and Nyilangkurr. Bidu is not in the painting. She has painted Nyilangkurr as she moved onto there during her childhood with her mother and father. Yilkarr is Jakayu's fathers resting place and Wantili is a claypan on the other side of Nyilangkurr.

Wantili is represented by the dark brown dots in the middle of the painting. The rows of lines represent the tali (sand hills), the salt lake at Yilkarr and Nyilangkurr (three big sand hills all together). The circles represent all the water holes including the Wantili Clay pan.

The story for this painting was collected and written by Morika and Rennette Biljabu, Jakayu's granddaughters.

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