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An image of Untitled 98U58 by Tim Maguire

Tim Maguire

(United Kingdom, Australia 1958 – )

Untitled 98U58
Media category
Materials used
oil on canvas

250.0 x 208.0 cm

Rudy Komon Memorial Fund 1998
Accession number
© Tim Maguire
Not on display
Further information

"Untitled 98U58" is a large abstract painting created through the use of paint thinners that have been splattered onto thin layers of oil paint. The effect is quite mesmerizing as the eye has difficulty focusing on one part of the image. The paint surface is very thin and appears to be almost photrographic.

An overriding exploration for Maguire is the subject of painting itself and its ability to simulate reality and trick the eye. Maguire's paintings may also be seen as meditations on the subject of light, as each one is suffused with a strange light that emerges from within.

This work has a distinctly televisual appearance, in this regard it is a painting that responds to our televisual, cybernetic world. We could be looking through a microscope, at a television screen, into outer space, or indeed cyberspace. This work slows the viewer's perception and requires a little more time on behalf of the onlooker.

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