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An image of Incised bowl with dragons chasing pearls design by Jingdezhen ware

Jingdezhen ware

(China  – )

Incised bowl with dragons chasing pearls design
Other titles:
Jingdezhen ware incised bowl with dragons chasing pearls designs
Tea bowl decorated with incised dragon
Place of origin
JingdezhenJiangxi ProvinceChina
Qianlong 1736 - 1795Qing dynasty 1644 - 1911 → China
Media category
Materials used
porcelain with green and aubergine enamel decoration

5.6 x 10.9 cm

Gift of Mr J.H. Myrtle 1983
Accession number
Not on display
Further information

The exterior is decorated in medium-temperature green and aubergine lead silicate glazes applied to the biscuit (the unglazed clay) surface over an incised design of two dragons each chasing a flaming pearl amidst flames and above a wave and rock border. During the Qing dynasty, court regulations required that colour and pattern on porcelain made for table use in the court to be set according to the rank of the user. This type of green and aubergine-enamelled dragon design was for the concubines of the fourth through seventh ranks.

Asian Art Department, AGNSW, January 2012

Bibliography (1)

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Exhibition history (2)

Chinese Pottery and Porcelain, The Ceramic Society of Australia, Sydney, 12 Nov 1951–24 Nov 1951

Dragon (2012), Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 18 Jan 2012–06 May 2012