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An image of 'Kashiki' (tray for tea sweets) by Tanaka Hyo'ami

Tanaka Hyo'ami

(Japan  – )

'Kashiki' (tray for tea sweets)
Place of origin
Taishô period 1912 - 1926 → Japan
early 20th century
Media category
Materials used
'Kanshitsu' (dry lacquer), silver lacquer finish

2.6 x 26.4 cm

Gift of Lesley Kehoe 2009. Donated through the Australian Government Cultural Gifts Program.
Accession number
Not on display
Further information

A very finely formed lacquer sweet tray in 'kawarinuri', the lacquer resembling metal in form and finish. The shallow tray is constructed in the 'kanshitsu' (dry lacquer) technique. The 'tomobako' bears the signature: Made by lacquer artist Hyoami, and describes the piece as a “Blue sea” tray for 'higashi', dried sweets used in 'chado', the formal practice of tea. Hyoami was a member of the Hyosai School of lacquer in Kyoto, renowned for the making of pieces for 'chado'. Wrangham records the first two members of the School, Hyosai I (1817- 1885 ) and II ( p. 84 ). The style of signing the 'tomobako' is also very similar to that illustrated in Wrangham. [Wrangham, Edward, 'The index of inrō artists' [Inrō daijiten] / E. A. Wrangham; edited by Joe Earle.  Alnwick: Harehope, 1995.]

Asian Art Department, AGNSW, April 2009.

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