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An image of Metropolis by Rosalie Gascoigne

Rosalie Gascoigne

(New Zealand, Australia 25 Jan 1917 – 23 Oct 1999)

Place of origin
Media categories
Mixed media, Sculpture
Materials used
retro-reflective road signs

232.0 x 319.7 x 1.6 cm

Signature & date
Not signed. Not dated.
Gift of the artist 1999
Accession number
© Rosalie Gascoigne. Licensed by Viscopy, Sydney
Not on display
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Exhibition history (5)

Rosalie Gascoigne (1999), Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Paddington, 01 Sep 1999–25 Sep 1999

Biennale of Sydney 2000, Object Galleries, Circular Quay, 26 May 2000–30 Jul 2000

Rosalie Gascoigne (2004), City Gallery Wellington, Wellington, 22 Feb 2004–16 May 2004

Unscripted, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 20 May 2005–24 Jul 2005

Rosalie Gascoigne (2008), Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, Melbourne, 19 Dec 2008–15 Mar 2009