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a view inside 15th–19th c European art

The 15th–19th c European art galleries, also known as the James Fairfax Galleries, includes old master works from the late Renaissance, Mannerism and baroque styles.

Coming soon to 15th–19th c European art

Henry VR

12 May – 9 Sep 2018

View collection works on display in 15th–19th c European art

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From the front entrance, ground level

  1. Head through the vestibule into the entrance court
  2. On your right you will see three large archways. Enter the closest archway into 19th c Australian art
  3. Turn right

Accessible directions

From the rear entrance, lower level 1

  1. Take the lift (on your left) up one level, to G
  2. Turn right into the entrance court and head towards the front of the Gallery
  3. On your left you will see three large archways. Enter the furthest archway into 19th c Australian art
  4. Turn right