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Mega Art and Installations

written by Victionary

Victionary | ISBN 9789881943989

Hardback – 216 pages


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Hong Kong based creative multidimensional workshop Viction:ary has put together some of the most intriguing installations from around the world that go to prove that size really does matter!
With ‘OVERS!ZE: The Mega Art and Installations’, Viction:ary now turns its focus to the play on the contrast between the size of the installation, the viewer and the public space proving that: ''The greater the distinction, the stronger the magnetism, forcing us to hold our eyes on to that something to assimilate the particulars, make sense of it and have it lodged in our minds.'' Hosting works from some of the world's most active big thinkers, OVERS!ZE showcases how a humble notion such as size can be transformed into a delightful tool able to reconstruct our minds whilst taking us back to our childhoods where everything was so much larger than us.

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