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Complete Copier

The Oeuvre of A.O. Copier 1901-1991

written by Laurens Geurtz, Job Meihuizen, Joan Temminck

Nai Publishers | ISBN 9789056628338

Hardback – 512 pages


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Starting his career as a glassblower at the Leerdam glass works factory when he was just 14 years old, Andries Copier (1901-1991) went on to become the greatest glass designer that the Netherlands has ever known. Copier was influenced by the Bauhaus design ethos, and, following its lead, established a clean, geometric Dutch style for the glass arts that combined affordability with elegance. Made in association with the Dutch National Glass Museum on the occasion of their momentous Copier retrospective, "The Oeuvre of A.D. Copier" catalogues the prolific designer's life's work. Cataloging nearly 2,000 works--with more than 1,200 examples reproduced in full color--it also includes designs, sketches and scholarly writings that elucidate Copier's wide-ranging inspirations and techniques. This publication is the definitive monograph on a canonical figure in Dutch design.

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