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The Mayas

written by Davide Domenici

White Star | ISBN 9788854406889

Flexi jacket – 208 pages


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From obscure Neolithic pastoral village to "capital of the world," the history of ancient Rome is not merely one of the most incredible adventures of mankind, but constitutes the start of an uninterrupted "bridge" between the dawn of Italic civilization and the modern West. In its 1200 years of existence, the city founded on the values established by Romulus' patres, has expanded and diversified its influence incessantly and in all spheres, progressively absorbing people and customs, ideas, techniques and beliefs. This journey to the origins of the present is a pictorial representation of the development of the Roman world in the light of the historical, urbanistic, architectural and artistic aspects that characterized the main periods of this extraordinary civilization, from its formative years to the crisis of the 5th century BC, following the conquests of Rome: the Italian peninsula, the Mediterranean and the Hellenic East. A vast iconography, consisting of photographs, reconstructions and plans, accompanies the text, written by an acknowledged authority in the field of Italic archaeology, which helps to clarify the dynamics of the exceptional development of the Roman world.

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