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Contemporary Design

written by Andy Boucher, Daniel Charny, Laura Potter

Fundacion La Laboral, Centro de Art y Creacion Industrial | ISBN 9788461266746

Spiral bound – 301 pages


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This book explores contemporary creative practice by identifying product designers whose work has changed preconceived ideas about the nature of design. It features interviews with Ron Arad, Javier Mariscal, Gaetano Pesce and Daniel Weil, for their importance at the forefront of contemporary design and for continuing to produce uncompromising projects. Their ideas about process and creativity give us the opportunity to understand, if not who we are or where we are going, then at least where we come from as designers. In addition to these important interviews are essays by a younger generation of practitioners, including Dunne & Raby, Santiago Cirugeda, Ernesto Oroza, Sean Hall, Laura Potter & Lin Cheung, Matt Ward, Marti Guixe, Andy Boucher and Noam Toran.

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