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Taro Yamamoto Nippon-Ga New But Classical Japanese Art

written by Taro Yamamoto

Seigensha Art Publishing | ISBN 9784861521980

Paperback – 132 pages


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It is easy to write off Taro Yamamotos Nippon Ga paintings as literal and simple to understand, yet to do so would fail to miss the essence of his paintings and their attempt to capture and express the present situation in Japan. Such a misunderstanding is found, for example, in his work Ume Blossom which depicts a pink plum blossom placed in a Coke can. This piece is modelled on a traditional composition of Winter plum blossom, yet illustrates much more than a simple parody alone. This edition collects forty-four paintings produced over the last decade, reproduced in full colour and presented on single and double page spreads. The works are accompanied by writings and biographic information on the artist.

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