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Junk Jet 3 Flux Us Flux You

Igmade | ISBN 9783000301278

Paperback – 118 pages


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Junk Jet no 3 asked for fluxing architecture, boogie, buildings, rolling rocks, flying architectures, provisory pyramids and temporary eternities; for all kinds of practical concepts and conceptual practices, for stable happenings and unstable thoughts. For lifted cellars and dug-in landmarks for curtains, mobiles, house boats, bubbles, zeppelins, flying saucersContributions by Hussein Chalayan (Airmail Dress), Tom Ngo (Architectural Absurdity), Jim Venturi (Saving Lieb House), Aristide Antonas (The Hotel Bus), Taizo Yamamoto (Shopping Carts), Isabelle Willnauer (Living Toolbox), SPY (Projects for Flux), Mimi Zeiger (Blue Lobsters) and many others.

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