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Blast Counterblast

written by Anthony Elms, Steve Reinke

Whitewalls, Inc | ISBN 9781926627175

Paperback – 188 pages


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"Blast Counterblast" is a multifaceted, fascinating examination of the way intellectuals interact - through influence, argumentation, and criticism. Looking at both Wyndham Lewis' modernist publication "Blast" and Marshall McLuhan's 1969 response to it, "Counterblast", the contributors to this volume - a selection of writers, visual artists, performers, and filmmakers - skewer relational aesthetics and identity politics in order to restate what the role of identity formation is today. Taking McLuhan and Lewis as starting points, the essays in this volume develop and push the ideas presented in both "Blast" and "Counterblast". "Blast Counterblast" includes the writings of Maria Fusco, Michael Hoolboom, My Barbarian, Lane Relyea, and Ryan Trecartin.

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