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Rendi Liu Mini-Book #18

written by Jenny Zimmer

Macmillan Art Publishing | ISBN 9781921394607

Hardback – 142 pages


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Rendi (Tower) Liu was born in Wuxi, Jiangsu, P.R. China in September 1960 and migrated to Melbourne in January 1990. The name Tower is a translation from his Chinese name Di into English for easy pronunciation. A self-taught photographer, he began to practice the art form in 1980 and had his first works published in Nanjing in 1982. His photographs have since been exhibited in China, America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. In 1997 he was the winner of a nation-wide photography competition for Landcare Australia. The photographs of Australian native flowers contained in this book have been collated over the past twelve years during which he has undertaken extensive travel throughout the country in search of subjects. Rendis commitment and passion for the Australian landscape and native flowers, and his acute response to their shapes, colours, structures and forms, is clearly expressed within these beautifully presented photographs.

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