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Hilda and the Midnight Giant Luke Pearson

written by Luke Pearson

Nobrow Ltd | ISBN 9781907704253

Hardback – 40 pages


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"If you haven't heard of Luke Pearson, buddy, you have been hiding under a particularly uninteresting rock this past year."--Dan Berry, "The Comics Bureau""Pearson's latest comic, the spell-binding contemporary fairytale "Hildafolk," feels just as at home in publisher Nobrow Press' visually intelligent catalogue as it does between good old fashioned yarns like "Bone" and "The Adventures of Tintin" in my bookcase."--Martin Steenton, "Avoid the Future"In "Hilda and the Midnight Giant," our protagonist finds her world turned upside down as she faces the prospect of leaving her snow-capped birthplace for the hum of the megalopolis, where her mother (an architect) has been offered a prestigious job. During Hilda's daily one-and-a-half hour trek to school she looks for ways to stall her mother's decision. She conspires with the beings of the mystical Blue Forest to delay the inevitable. Will they help or hinder her? More importantly, who is this mysterious Midnight Giant?This is the first part of the Hildafolk series, a series that follows Hilda on her many adventures and travels through the magical fjords and enchanted mountains of her birthplace as she unravels the mysteries of the supernatural world that surrounds her.Luke Pearson is a comic book artist and illustrator, author of "Hildafolk" and "Everything We Miss" (published by Nobrow Press). "Hildafolk," his first book for Nobrow Press, quickly gained him recognition as a leading proponent of the new wave of English cartoonists.

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