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Wolfs Whistle Bjorn & Rue Lie

written by S J Donaldson, B R Lie

Nobrow Ltd | ISBN 9781907704031

Hardback – 32 pages


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"Another neat little hardcover beauty, "The Wolf's Whistle" is a Richard Scarry meets Wes Anderson fusion of art comics and children's books. It's a superhero origin story made with the deft touch of a printmaker, and which might be the title in Nobrow's catalogue that best showcases the care and attention given to the printing process."--John Martz from "Drawn!"Enter the big bad wolf. But was he really so bad? This is the question at the heart of "The Wolf's Whistle," the first installment in Nobrow's Behind the Tails series. The series explores the back-stories of fairy tales' most notorious villains. In this tale, we follow the wolf from The Three Little Pigs through his childhood experiences to find the ultimate source of his animosity for the porcine protagonists.Albert is a comic-creating, scrawny little wolf who, along with his misfit friends, battles the Honeyroast brothers, the school's alpha male sports jocks: three bratty pigs. Sons of the local property magnate, they will stop at nothing to torment their weaker classmates. The story resumes many years later when Albert is a mailroom assistant and lives in a dingy one-bed studio in Brooklyn where the Honeyroast brothers are now his landlords. Tragedy strikes and Albert is forced to take the mantle against his oppressors and fulfill his destiny as the crime fighting "Lone Wolf."Bjorn Rune Lie, originally from Norway, is an illustrator and author living in Bristol, United Kingdom.Scott Donaldson a freelance writer who lives and works in Bristol, United Kingdom.Alex Spiro is creative director of Nobrow Press.

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