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Many Faces of Inspiration

Conversations on Australian Creativity

written by Antony Jeffrey

Wakefield Press | ISBN 9781862549548

Paperback – 272 pages


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For 35 years Antony Jeffrey has been dealing on a daily basis with leading musicians, actors, singers, composers and the people behind the footlights who have made the arts scene in Australia so vibrant. Many Faces of Inspiration is based on conversations he has recorded with many remarkable people exploring the inmost thoughts, passions, struggles and dreams that drive their creativity.

The personal stories told by the people in this book reveal much about the creative process, and how inspiration varies from one person to another. This book is essential reading for anyone who loves the arts and is fascinated by the exceptional people who create great works of art or mediate them for the public.

Interviewed are: William Barton, Bruce Beresford, Tony Bilson, Wendy Blacklock, Joan Carden, Geoffrey Chard, David Clarkson, Michael Crouch, Rosemary Crumlin, Tania de Jong, Ross Edwards, Robert Gard, Stephen Kovacevic, Greta Lanchbery, Justin Macdonnell, David Malouf, John McCallum, Elisabeth Murdoch, Ted Myers, Roland Peelman, Helena Rathbone, Rodney Seaborn, John Shaw, Dinah Shearing, Rachael Swain, Ken Tribe, Googie Withers, Martin Wesley-Smith, Peter Wesley-Smith

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