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Michelle Nikou

written by Ken Bolton

Wakefield Press | ISBN 9781862546769

Hardback – 88 pages

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Michelle Nikou is an artist that uses the small and mundane objects of everyday life as inspiration to create her sculptures. As with many other contemporary artists her work draws from concepts and ideas translating them into a physical object. This book looks at some of those ideas and how they relate to specific works.

'Michelle Nikou works in a variety of materials ranging from buttons and lint, toilet paper and embroidery, to cast lead and bronze. The readily accessible meanings of these media contribute to what is being expressed in the work. Generally small in scale, her artefacts have an exquisite hand-made, if unconventional aesthetic and a recurrent vein of wry humour.' Vivienne Webb - Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

Artist: Michelle Nikou

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