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Rozanne Hawksley

written by Mary Schoeser

Lund Humphries Publishers | ISBN 9781848220263

Hardback – 200 pages


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This is the first monograph on Rozanne Hawksley, a formidable artist who has broken down barriers with a body of mixed-media work about war, world events, and the role and fate of women. Hawksley's life trajectory offers an insight into events and institutions that have shaped twentieth-century art. Her experience includes her years at the Royal College of Art during the initiating moments of postmodernism in the early 1950s and designing for the Women's Home Industries (a postwar project). Her years as a mature student and then as a tutor at Goldsmiths in the late 1970s and 1980s, coincided with the period when Goldsmiths' textile department became a centre of international influence in the textile arts. Hawksley is widely acknowledged for her role in developing interdisciplinary textile teaching, research and scholarship, and made a seminal contribution to the ground-breaking 1988 exhibition, The Subversive Stitch. Still a practising artist in her 70s, she has produced haunting drawings and often controversial installations and sculpture. This book offers the first and only insight into the life and practice of this significant figure, who has exercised a quiet but pervasive influence on several generations of students, teachers and practitioners.

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