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Milestones of Civilization

written by Linda Blandford

New Holland Publishers Ltd | ISBN 9781847730657

Hardback – 192 pages


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What do we mean by 'civilization'? What are the accepted norms of a civilized society and how have they come about? From the domestication of animals to the concept of zero, the first public works programme to bacteriology, the development of ritual to the idea of the museum, this book surveys over 25 of the most important milestones in the history of civilization. Far from being a list of man's greatest achievements since the dawn of time, "Milestones of Civilization" sets out to answer these difficult questions and more: are true milestones those that have advanced human understanding and abilities the most? Or are they smaller changes that have brought an improvement in living standards to the many? Is it possible to predict what future generations will call milestones in the formation of civilization and will their choices be the same as ours?Contentious and often surprising choices invite the reader to question the very nature of the term 'civilization' and an interactive companion website will gather suggestions for other milestones.

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