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On Shakespeare

written by John Bell

Allen and Unwin | ISBN 9781742371931

Hardback – 448 pages


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ON SHAKESPEARE is a book that's long overdue. Written by the only person in Australia who thinks, breathes and interprets Shakespeare's canon every day of his life, John Bell on Shakespeare is a vivid, accessible, fascinating and vital book on Shakespeare that talks about his enduring relevance to our lives-right here, right now. Based on John Bell's fifty years' experience of reading, performing and directing Shakespeare, in the UK, and in Australia with the Bell Shakespeare Company, this book explores not only Shakespeare's life from the perspectives of those figures who knew him best, but also offers us a 'backstage pass' to the histories, tragedies, comedies and romances and a memorable insight into the sonnets. John Bell's passionate exploration of Shakespeare informs and deepens our understanding of the man and his works, offering us a unique perspective with enormous relevance to an Australian audience.

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