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Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age : Masterpieces from the Rijksmuseum

Exhibition Catalogue

written by Gerdien Wuestman

Art Gallery of NSW | ISBN 9781741741322

Hardback – 212 pages


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At the time, the art of the seventeenth‐century Dutch Republic was admired and sought after far beyond the country’s borders. To this day, works by painters such as Rembrandt, Frans Hals and Johannes Vermeer are among the most prized in many museums. The outstanding quality, wholly individual character of the art and the huge output of paintings and prints in this period are unique in history.

This book introduces the work of the greatest artists of the Dutch golden age, an era of unparalleled wealth, power and cultural confidence. It presents a vivid and compelling panorama of a place and period, from tranquil landscapes, symbol‐laden still‐lifes, the colourful life of the cities and the characters of the people to maritime power.

Beautifully illustrated and designed, and written in an engaging and accessible style, it enlightens readers on the artists, the art and the times.

20.5cm wide
25.0cm high

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