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Colour Me Couture

written by Gloria Collazo

Ulyssess Press | ISBN 9781612431314

Paperback – 192 pages


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There's no better way to express one's self than through fashion. Not getting-dressed-in-the-morning fashion - but rather DIY (draw-it-yourself) personal designs! "Color Me Couture" allows anyone to tap into their inner fashionista by turning blank sketches into hip head-to-toe looks. Glamorous gowns, fierce shoes, gorgeous bags and sparkling accessories - it has never been easier to create a trend-setting, one-of-a-kind collection. "Color Me Couture" captures high fashion with dozens of unique designs from France's early 20th century haute couture masters to today's avant-garde New York elite. The book offers an entertaining crash course in fashion history, combining fascinating fashion facts with the chance to draw, doodle and color a whole new design. Learn how to draw everything from 1920's drop-waist dresses, over-sized sunglasses and extravagant heels to eye-catching jewelry, luxurious handbags and stunning hats, turning each runway sketch into an innovative masterpiece.

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