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Science for the Curious Photographer

An Introduction to the Science of Photography

written by Charles S Johnson

Woodslane | ISBN 9781568815817

Hardback – 200 pages


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This is a book for those who love photography and like to understand how things work. It begins with an introduction to the history and science of photography and addresses questions about the principles of photography, such as why a camera needs a lens, how lenses work, and why modern lenses are so complicated. Digital photography raises more questions because enlarged images on computer screens reveal defects in color and resolution that are not obvious in small snapshots. What limits resolution, what is noise in images, and what level of detail can be appreciated by an observer? All of these questions and others concerning human perception of color and subjective image quality are covered in detail. Finally, the creation and appreciation of art in photography is presented from the standpoint of modern cognitive science.

An outstanding book that does a remarkable job of weaving together the many facets of photography. The author provides the science that photography is based on and makes it easily understood with a variety of examples and images. In addition he provides a great deal of insight into the human side of color perception, photography, and art.

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