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Keeping Chronicles Importance of Written Memorobilia

written by Rosemary Sassoon

A & C Black Publishing | ISBN 9781408129005

Paperback – 160 pages


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Keeping Chronicles explores the importance of preserving written memorabilia - be it old diaries, letters, sketchbooks, legal papers, and even old cookery or school books. All too often these items are discarded as of little worth when there is not much storage space available. However, these are a fantastic resource. They bring ancestors to life and contribute to family and local as well as national history. Rosemary Sassoon uses material from family, friends and colleagues around the world to illustrate the many personal and professional uses of written chronicles. The book provides practical advice on what to keep, how to care for it and how to deposit materials that have a wider relevance in museums, record offices or libraries. All in all, this is a highly illustrated, readable, testimony to the importance of keeping chronicles and it should be a must for all who are interested in learning about and preserving their family records.

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