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One Year Drawing Project - Sri Lanka

Raiking Leaves | ISBN 9780955667411

Paperback – 416 pages


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The One Year Drawing Project is an experimental publishing project that follows a 29-month period of drawing exchange between four of Sri Lanka’s most significant contemporary artists (M. Cader, T. Shanaathanan, C. Thenuwara & J. Weerasinghe). The book relates back to the creation of four drawings that were simultaneously drawn in May 2005 and charts the exchanges that ensued between the four artists in response and as a consequence to the initial four drawings. In common with the technique of the Exquisite Corpse used to great effect by the Surrealists, The One Year Drawing Project belies similar outcomes of subversion and fraught association when viewed against the context of the current political climate in Sri Lanka – where all four artists live and work. A diary of events, exchanged between the artists, provides a subtext to the volume of 208 drawings brought together in the book.

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