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The Legendary Lindsays

written by Helen Glad, Robert Holden, Ursula Prunster

Beagle Press | ISBN 9780947349134

Hardback – 120 pages

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Five of ten talented children born in Creswick, Victoria became artists. This book provides the opportunity to see side by side the work of Percy, Lionel, Norman, Ruby and Daryl in context; to evaluate their shared influences, appreciate their individual flair and to sense the combined energy with which they played a leading role in Australia for over forty years. Eclipsed by the modernists in the post-war decades, their work was rejected for being reactionary. Certainly there is much in the Lindsay's work that is, by contemporary standards, politically incorrect, but they were, after all, very much artists of and for their time. What remains undeniable is that the Lindsays provided a dynamic and vital ingredient of Australia's developing national confidence and the robust expression in the arts that characterised the early years of the new century.

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