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Little Things for Busy Hands

written by Katie Evans

Puffin | ISBN 9780143206200

Hardback – 144 pages


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Welcome to the amazing world of craft! Creating beautiful things is something I simply have to do (as did my mother) and, happily, my children have also inherited this passion. Crafting stimulates my imagination, keeps me busy sourcing beautiful fabrics and objects, helps me relax while I stitch or assemble, and fills me with a deep sense of satisfaction when I display the finished piece or give it to someone special as a gift from the heart.

Crafting is also something you can do with others, which encourages sharing of ideas and conversation. And, ultimately, crafting is a creative journey that changes all the time – what you set out to do may not be what you end up with – that is the beauty of this pastime. Crafting can help you develop a flexible mind and good problem-solving skills. The process of making the object will often be just as satisfying as the finished project.

Whether you are a beginner or already a keen crafter, always remember that no two pieces can ever be the same – that would be boring! And if you find that your object doesn't look like the one in the picture – a crooked edge or an odd colour – consider yourself a true artist because you have added a little something of yourself into every stitch, shape or brushstroke.

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