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Ozzilla ABC Wall Frieze Australian Alphabet

Ozzilla | ISBN 9421902424373


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This unique Australian ABC makes walls fun and educational. All 26 letters on big card panels – arrange them into a wall-frieze to suit the room. Pin up and point to letters, sound them out, find curious characters, match letters to colourful illustrations and learn the real aussie alphabet. These letters are aimed to help kids learn their alphabet and be phonically correct. Cut them apart, make lines, blocks or groups. Spell out names or words or write your own wall-art. These wall-frieze panels are just awesome for adding some smart-sparkle to a kid’s bedroom.

Colour printed on thick 300 gsm card (extra durable)
13 panels (2 letters per) with 26 letters
Two extra cards for making up even arrangements
Put up with bluetack, pins or double-sided tape


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