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Meeting James Gleeson

Ovation DVD | ISBN 9333767002941

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Celebrated surrealist James Gleeson's prolific work has remained at the fore-front of the Australian art scene for over 50 years. Glesson, whose major influences' were as diverse as Salvador Dali, Carl Jung and Max Ernst, was also known as a critic, poet, writer and curator. He had also served on the board of the National Gallery of Australian shaping his country's artistic direction.

As an artist, Gleeson's themes generally delved into the subconscious using literary, mythological or religious subject matter. He was particularly interested in Jung's archetypes of the collective unconscious while expressing Frudian principles of surrealism in what he referred to as 'Psychoscapes'; liquid, solid and air coming together, directly alluding to the interface between the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.

Meeting James Gleeson is a candid and insightful interview conducted by Geoffrey Sykes, interspersed with images from Glesson's behemoth body of work, which reveals both an artist in his prime and a career that has enriched a country.

Artist: James Gleeson

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