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2018 Cressida Campbell Calendar : Limited Edition

Signed and Numbered Edition of 500

written by Cressida Campbell

Blue Island Press | ISBN 9329925103483


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Cressida Campbell is one of Australia’s most celebrated and unconventional artists. She draws her compositions on plywood, carves the outlines and paints the image in many layers of watercolour. The finished picture is sprayed with water and a single impression is taken. The result is one print and one block. Cressida Campbell’s work may be found in most Australian public collections.


Creating a calendar with Cressida Campbell demands a whole new set of standards, every aspect of the design came under her perfecting eye, to create a handmade product of the highest quality yet affordable.

* Each copy is hand-signed and individually numbered
* Using 350 GSM uncoated stock, hand-collated and bound supported with 1800um board
* The method of presentation allows for a clean face each month and the preservation of the proceeding month
* Calendar images are perforated for easy removal to frame

Artist: Cressida Campbell

30.0cm wide
30.0cm high

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