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Shopping Bag Urban Sydney LOQI

LOQI | ISBN 4260317651401


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Plastic bags are bad. Calico bags are dull. Green bags are daggy. LOQI bags, on the other hand, are awesome.

Available in a range of striking designs, LOQI bags are constructed from water-resistant polyester and feature a secure internal pocket to stash your valuables in.

Measuring 50 centimeters wide by 42 centimeters tall, LOQI bags weigh barely 55 grams yet are capable of carrying up to 20 kilograms of pretty much whatever you choose. When not in use, LOQIs can be folded up and zipped away in their compact zippered pouch.

Bag dimensions: 50cm wide x 42cm high (69cm including handles) - inside pocket measures 16.5cm x 14cm
Pouch dimensions: 11.5cm x 11.5cm
Made from water resistant polyester
Holds up to 20kg

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