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Cicada Books Limited | ISBN 5021456199020

Runtime: 110 minutes

Number of disks: 1

DVD region: 0 - Worldwide


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Andy Warhol's Trash is an American 1970 cult drama movie on DVD. This Andy Warhol production finds Joe Dallesandro as Joe, a lice-ridden impotent junkie who lives with Holly (Holly Woodlawn) in a Lower East Side slum in New York. Holly is a transvestite who spends time collecting trash, going to the Fillmore East, and cruising for sex. Joe is only interested in his next fix, and graphic displays of needles piercing flesh and degrading human situations deglamorize drug use better than any board of education film or public service messages. Jane (Jane Forth) is the acid casualty housewife who listens to Pink Floyd.

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