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Marcel Duchamp DVD

Seven Doc | ISBN 3760114290847

Number of disks: 2

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Since his death in 1968, the work and influence of Marcel Duchamp, who André Breton considered "the most intelligent and (for many) the most troublesome man of this first half of the twentieth century," have not ceased to impose themselves within the landscape of contemporary. From futurism to cubism, Dadaism to surrealism, Duchamp's art has been part of all the major aesthetic adventures of the twentieth century. It was not until the 1960s, however, that his work emerged as an indisputable source of inspiration for new generations of artists, and countless artistic approaches are indebted to his research. Much has been written, argued, and spoken about the œuvre of Marcel Duchamp, little of which has focused on his life. Only a few have understood him, like his friend Henri-Pierre Roché who wrote that "his finest work is his use of time". At the beginning of the 21st century, the time has come to open the book of the life of this enigmatic, mysterious, often inscrutable man.

Artist: Marcel Duchamp

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