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First Footprints

ABC DVD | ISBN 9344256010484

Runtime: 240 minutes

Number of disks: 2

DVD region: ALL


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Australia is home to the oldest living cultures in the world. Over fifty thousand years ago, when Neanderthals still dominated Europe and thousands of years before people reached America, people were spreading across this vast southern continent.

As the first modern people out of Africa, Aboriginal people made the first open-ocean crossing in history, conducted the world's earliest ritual cremation, invented technologies such as the hafted stone axe and boomerang, etched the earliest depiction of the human face, engraved the world's first maps and made the earliest narrative paintings - all pre-dating the Cro-Magnon of Lascaux, France.

Across Australia there are millions of prehistoric paintings, engravings and archaeological sites. The continent is one giant canvas telling an epic story of endurance in the face of terrifying megafauna, catastrophic droughts, rising sea levels, and massive climate shifts that cause both conflict and phenomenal cultural output over tens of thousands of years.

First Footprints shows for the first time new archaeological discoveries, stunning rock art, a wealth of never-before-seen archival footage, and cinema-quality CGI that reveals the epic story of 50,000 years of life in Australia.

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