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American Realism Of The 20th Century

Arthaus | ISBN 9783869230382

Runtime: 50 minutes

DVD region: ALL

Part of the 1000 Masterworks series.


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From Hopper to Wyeth, authors trace back the growing tendency to Realism in American art that emerged after the First World War. In stark contrast to European Modernists, US artists made their nation the central theme of their work – the ‘American way of life’ with all its regional stereotypes and socio-political themes. Masterpieces such as Wood’s “American Gothic” have become national symbols. Reginald Marsh: TWENTY CENT MOVIE (1936) Edward Hopper: NIGHTHAWKS (1942) Grant Wood: AMERICAN GOTHIC (1930) Andrew Wyeth: CHRISTINA'S WORLD (1948) Georgia O'Keeffe: THE WHITE CALICO FLOWER (1931)

“1000 Masterpieces from the Great Museums of the World” is one of the most successful TV series about art. The original, with improved image quality, takes us on a fascinating journey through the history of art. Comprehensively illustrated and compellingly presented – the well-known authors of five short art surveys provide a deeper insight into the masterpieces of painting.

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