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4 DVD Collection : Atonement, Great Expectations, Anna Karenina, Pride & Prejudice

Roadshow | ISBN 9317731111181

Number of disks: 4

DVD region: 4 - Australia, NZ, Latin America


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Through a series of catastrophic misunderstandings, Robbie Turner [James McAvoy] is accused of a crime he did not commit. This accusation destroys Robbie and Cecilia's [Keira Knightley] new found love and dramatically alters the course of their lives.
A sweeping romance that is both captivating and deeply moving, and as close to perfect as a movie can get - Daily Mirror.


Young orphan Pip [Toby Irvine] is given a chance to rise from his humble beginnings thanks to a mysterious benefactor. Moving through London's class ridden world as a gentleman, Pip uses his new found position to pursue the beautiful Estella [Holliday Grainger]; a spoilt heiress he's loved since childhood. Yet the shocking truth behind his great fortune will have devastating consequences for everything he holds dear.


Is a bold, theatrical new vision of the epic story of love, adapted from Leo Tolstoy's timeless novel by Tom Stoppard. The story powerfully explores the capacity for love that surges through the human heart. As Anna questions her happiness and marriage, change comes to all around her.


The second eldest, Lizzie can think of 100 reasons not to marry. When Mrs Bennet hears the exciting news that a wealthy bachelor and his circle of sophisticated friends are to take up summer residence in a nearby mansion the Bonnets are abuzz with the hope that potential suitors will be in full supply. Obligingly, the newcomer, Mr Charles Bingley, is immediately taken with the eldest Jane. However, when Lizzie meets up with the darkly handsome and snobbish Mr Darcy, what seems like a match made in heaven quickly becomes divided by pride and prejudice. Can they get past this and can Lizzie finally find a reason to marry?

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