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Animation Studio

Handbook + Kit

written by Helen Piercy

Walker Books | ISBN 9781922179418



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Let’s get animated! Packed with inspirational ideas and tips, Animation Studio is your one-stop guide to every aspect of stop-motion movie-making. Housed in an interactive reversible mini film set, it contains all the aspiring director needs to know to make successful animations.
•This is an easy to follow, action-packed and comprehensive guide to creating your very own animated feature.
•Features detailed instructions on how to create animation using just pen and paper, stop-motion clay figures, a digital camera, cell phone or even webcam.
•This one-stop how-to guide comes with a 32-pp fully illustrated animator’s handbook, a fold-out box stage with alternative set configurations, press-out Zoetrope and Thaumatrope toys with alternative inserts, an articulated model/puppet, double-sided storyboard sheets with examples, additional set backgrounds and press-out card props and push-on features.

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