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Who Woke the Baby?

written by Jane Clarke

illustrated by Charles Fuge

Nosy Crow | ISBN 9780857634085



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It’s early morning in the jungle and little gorilla is NOT happy. Whoever woke him up?! As the mystery unfolds, we learn that a chain of events involving an assortment of animals all played a part, and that it all began with… Butterfly, who touched down on the same flower as Bee, which made Bee buzz, which made Frog croak, which made Crocodile thrash, and so on, until Hippo yawned the yawn that woke the baby. And what makes the baby gorilla happy in the end? Why, the dancing Butterfly that woke everyone in the first place!

Irresistible illustrations, coupled with a satisfying cyclical text and repeated refrains, make this an unforgettable, read-along romp of a book by the creators of the Gilbert the Great series.

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