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Art Deco Paper Craft Book

written by Pepin Van Roojen

Pepin Press | ISBN 9789460094019

Paperback – 100 pages


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PEPIN Paper Craft Books contain decorated cards and sheets in various weights and sizes that can be used to create and customize a vast range of paper craft projects.

Included are postcards, envelopes, mailers, posters and large sheets (50 x 70 cm; 191/2 x 271/2inch) printed with dazzling designs. Fancy stickers and strips of tape in various shapes and sizes allow you to further decorate and seal your envelopes and packages.Included are brief instructions how the various templates can be used (illustrated with step-by-step photographs) as well as a short introduction about the respective themes. Each volume contains a collection of 32 colour (post)cards (10.5 x 15cm / 4 x 6 inch) 16 envelopes which fit postcards and A4/US letter folded in four 8 sticker sheets with adhesive stickers 32 postcards to colour yourself (10.5 x 15cm / 4 x 6 inch) 2 folded posters (50 x 70 cm /19 x 27 inch) 12 large sheets of gift & creative papers (50 x 70 cm / 19 x 27 inch).

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