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Installation view of Embodiment with Darren Siwes’ Northie Kwin 2013; Christian Bumbarra Thompson’s Trinity 1 2014, The devil made him do it 2011, Lamenting the flowers 2012 and the series Emotional striptease 2013; Julie Gough Bind 2008


This online kit for the exhibition Embodiment is designed for Years 7-12. It includes issues for consideration for three focus artists and their works.

To embody is to express or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling). To embody the experiences of past ancestors or histories is to re-embody with all the sentiment and knowledge created by the initial event with the addition of here and now. The artists in this exhibition do not present re-embodiments as an affirmative confirmation of the past, but rather as questionings of the present.

Focus artists

In the collection